Friday, January 3, 2014

Resolutions (Our Daily Bread)

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Many of us make promises to ourselves to mark the beginning of a new year. We make pledges such as I'm going to save more, exercise more, or spend less time on the Internet. We begin the year with good intentions, but before long old habits tempt us to take up our old ways. We slip up occasionally, then more frequently, and then all the time. Finally, it's as if our resolution never existed. Instead of choosing our own self-improvement goals, a better approach might be to ask ourselves: "What does the Lord desire of me?" Through the prophet Micah, God has revealed that He wants us to do what is right, to be merciful, and to walk humbly with Him (Mic. 6:8). All of these things relate to soul-improvement rather than self-improvement. Thankfully, we don't have to rely on our own strength. The Holy Spirit has the power to help us as believers in our spiritual growth. God's Word says, He is able to "strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being" (Eph. 3:16 niv). So as we begin a new year, let's resolve to be more Christlike. The Spirit will help us as we seek to walk humbly with God.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

So longgg, blog :)

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Been buzy lately with the new system at the office. But it is good to learn the new RBS system although sometimes the line were too slow. Teller who assigned to do the RBS at the moment - me and Khadijah. At first, we were very questioning whether its going to be failed or success since we heard from Beaufort branch that they failed at their first day using RBS because of line problem. But lucky us, we did well on our first day live with the system :)

Hey! How are you guys? Yayy kinda excited for our trip to Bali dis coming October :) Son told his friend about this trip and some of his friends wants ole2 from Bali. Son is very excited about our trip haha kalah orang tua bah. I hope everything going to be alright on that day * finger crossed*

As I mentioned in my previous blog that I will travel much in future, so next vacation already confirmed. YAYY! Ticket booked, 17 Jun 2014 - SEOUL, KOREA ♡

I cant wait.. I cant wait..
Thank you God for everything :)

Till then, bye!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Its my birthdayyy♡♡

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Well, happy birthday to me :) Nothing special just a small party with my beloved family. Another two years ahead then Im going to enter the age of 30. Hmm time flies too fast. Its okayyyy, some people make New Years resolutions. I make birthday resolutions. The more the better I guess (hehe ) Here's what I hope to accomplish in the year of 2013.

♡ Never stop learning.
In banking industries, what we needed the most is knowledge whether its about product knowledge or skills on job itself. Its all depends on me, I dont want to shut my brain off so Im going to learn and face more challenging task on this year ahead.

♡See the world.
I love to travel. I like going new places, experiencing cultures and trying new foods. Last few years I couldn't travel very much because of the kids- they're still toddler but since they have grown up, Im ready to pack my bags!

♡Be kind to others.
I experienced a situation with a person who said a few less than kind things about me behind my back. My first response was defensive until someone  else pointed out to me that this kind of negative, gossip and judgement says much more about the person who spread them. They asked me to let go of my hurt and anger- try to see people in different situations and when I did it,  my heart instantly softened. It was very hard on myself until I become more accepting of my own less than positive behaviour. Its a process to nurture my self and I think, its up to each of us to treat ourselves with loving kindness because then others will know we are worthy of being treat well :)

♡To be healthy
I want to take better care of this 28 years old body of mine. Perhaps I should take my meals accordingly and try to get enough sleep everyday. Hmmm still working on it :)

Well guys, there's many on my list, will share it later but anyway thanks a lot for the birthday wishes guys! God bless :)

See ya soon! Daaaa

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How I miss you, Blog :')

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Hey June! Whoaa its been awhile since my last post here.. been very buzy with life.. Work.. Many things happened, husband with his buzy work- have to work at 3 different sites at one time but still can managed his time to fetch son from school, hectic schedule at the office- since we're goin live with the new RBS system on this coming Sept, everyone is buzy preparing themselves with skills and knowledge. Gahhh!!ok ok forget about work for now. Im kinda stress hohoho.  Anyway, feelin excited for our anniversary trip on this coming October.. Pasports-done, hotel-booked, tour guide has been confirmed.. So much relief now. . I cant wait to have a long vacation. Fanattt bahh karaja gingggg..

Anddd people noticed that Im getting thinner. YES I AM. Im losing weight. Tiredness is killing me- affect my appetite. *sigh. But its ok, in the end.. hard work will be paid. Have faith in God.

That's all for now.

Sleepy mode.

Bye :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013


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Got email from our PCEO just now, announcing that Ex- Gratia bonus will be credited to our account tomorrow, together with our salary!!!! Oh My Goodness!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Cant wait for next month gud news again!
Salary adjustment! ngehehehe

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love. Love. Love

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Okayy. Gud news for SBEU members. Another salary adjustment for this coming April, means salary increase again! How kewl is dat! Baru juga Januari lalu increment, now adjust lagi. He he terima kasih berkat Tuhan ♥

Hmm husband has been very busy these few days, siang malam kerjaan. Mau kejar deadline bilang nya. But thanks to hubby, he promise to bring us jalan2 soon. I miss KK already. Huhu. Kasut kerja mau ganti suda ni hehe. And I need to refill my make-up segala hehehe.

Cant wait for this coming Good Friday, family gathering!! Miss my siblings so much.

Stop now, later peeps.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bapa pulihkan.

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Kami UmatMu,
rendahkan diri, sujud dan berdoa.
Mencari wajahMu, berbalik dari jalan kami yang jahat..

Oleh anugerahMu..
Oleh anugerahMu..

Bapa pulihkan..
Tuhan pulihkan..
kembalikan bangsa kami kepada Mu

Tuhan pulihkan..
ampunilah bangsa kami..
dan pulihkan kembali negeri kami..

Have faith in Him. Amen.


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